Have you ever found yourself drawn into the enigmatic allure of Six Degrees’ design? The intricacies of minute details, the vibrant tapestry of colours, the artistry that whispers stories—each element meticulously handpicked and purposefully placed. Prepare to quench your curiosity! We’re delighted to bring you an exclusive interview that grants you a backstage pass to the creative minds who breathed life into Six Degrees.

Meet Samantha Burchett, the visionary interior designer leading the charge on the Six Degrees project. We had the pleasure of chatting with her and discovered the driving force behind her partnership with the Six Degrees team. “Mostly the chance to work on an alternative music venue,” she shared, “at the time there was not much in the area of performance spaces that you could eat or drink at and it was a chance to create something different. A place a bit more bohemian than the local pubs. We had lots of friends at the time who were musicians and artists, so essentially we were excited to create a small bar venue for them.”

Formerly known as Smash Creation, the quintessence of their design philosophy centres on the cornerstone of functionality. Samantha explained, “We are always guided by ‘form follows function. A space must perform everything the client needs it to.” Her process takes flight by understanding the essence of those who will inhabit the space. From those who work within its walls to the visitors who will find solace, every facet undergoes scrutiny. “How it will be used, equipment needed, all the practical points,” she elaborates. “Once those are considered, we move on to flow, how will people move in the space, how does the client want them to feel in a space.” Drawn from abandoned spaces, the inspiration is what allows the original building to seamlessly merge with the new design. This is where her design prowess paints the canvas, artfully intertwining colour palettes, textures, artworks, and lighting.

“We start with the people who are going to work in the space and have experience in their field,” Samantha articulates. Collaborating with professionals spanning diverse domains, from bar managers to retail assistants, she extracts invaluable insights that shape the design. This collaborative spirit forms the foundation of their creative process, amplified by external factors like weather, natural light, existing structures, and client budgets.

The heartbeat of the Six Degrees design team reverberates with an unyielding commitment to sustainability. “This is a huge part of what we do and what made us so unique when we started the design studio. Use what you have and what you can find,” she emphasizes. Their projects stand as beacons of this ethos, exemplified by the wall at Six Degrees— crafted from recycled Karri sourced from old potato bins. Each element is thoughtfully repurposed, infusing a distinct character into their designs. “Because we know how to build as well, we are not shy when it comes to using recycled and reclaimed materials,” she adds.

“You would understand the mass consumption that we see today is so unnecessary when you have been to as many scrap yards as we have. That being said, not every client wants that look, and there are some amazing designers and companies producing sustainable new alternatives for interior designers that are a go-to when creating a space.” In this light, their work radiates not only artistic brilliance but also champions an eco-conscious narrative.

The odyssey of the Six Degrees design team navigates the realm of interior design, forging spaces that stir emotions, narrate tales, and instill conscious living. Their designs masterfully fuse practicality with aesthetics, a testament to their belief that form follows function. In a world that yearns for authenticity, their creations stand as beacons, showcasing the beauty of individuality interwoven into every thread of architecture and design.

So, the next time you cross the threshold of Six Degrees, soak up every single inch and let the designs that wrap around you! It’s not just a space—it’s a symphony of artistry, functionality, and conscious choices that echo a tale of creativity.