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See what’s happening at Six Degrees, Albany’s best location for Live Music, Televised Sports & Great Food.

Still a few tickets left out there for all you daredevils πŸ™‚

Free Entry this Sunday nighty from 6.30pm ...
Bit of Blues/Gospel fun this Sunday πŸ™‚
Check out this wonderful new Five Piece ... Fab!

Introducing The 6D Lamb Gyro ... Fabulous!
Officially endorsed by Little Frasbo and The Bearded Chreub

Roast leg of lamb with a yogurt cucumber dressing, sofrito paste, lettuce, onions and tomato salsa. All wrapped together in a soft tortilla then gratinate with melted cheese and ...topped with cheese sauce. Served with a side of gringo chips.

If that's not enough ... how about Supercharge it with chilli paste and habanero. πŸ™‚

Looking forward to another cracking Friday night of great Live Music this coming Friday at 6D ... Great way to kick off a long weekend