The Albany Shantymen – Live at Six Degrees

August 16, 2022

**The Albany SHANTYMEN are now playing the 1st and the 3rd Tuesday of the month.**

Hailing from a folk tradition with an unbroken line of heritage we are a rowdy group of Albany men. We sing together to pay homage to the merchant sailors of old with rhythmic choruses and rousing solos to stir the blood and soothe the soul. Our repertoire of songs, some self-penned, come from all parts of the globe, wherever man harnesses the wind with rope and old canvas. 

Things have changed a tad, they are now playing from 7:30pm in the Goldroom. 🙂

Come on down to enjoy great food/drinks/banter and also to sign some sea shanties with the lads!

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The Albany Shantymen – Live at Six Degrees


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