The Beardless Hipsters LIVE at Six Degrees

April 1, 2021

The Beardless Hipsters are a groovy, tight and rockin’ five piece who for the last four years or so have been playing pubs, festivals and parties with a mix of faves from the ‘dance your pants off‘ funk of the seventies, Aussie rock classics of the eighties and nineties thru to some of their own award nominated original music that is happening right now!

Featuring the soaring and soulful vocal talents of Jenny Greenwald, now also making an impression in tribute band Southern Soul, ably abetted by a bevy of accomplished, veteran local musos. Dave Taylor (guitars ,vocals) and Mark Roebuck (Bass God), both of Groove Unit, Blue Stuka and Leaky Johnson fame team up with Marty Cowie (guitars, vocals, keysboards) and Mark ‘Tree’ Hartzel (drums), from funk reggae Band One Drop and folksters The Harmonix.
Murmurs of an album from the band are growing as Dave seeks this year to get this collection of musical and song writing talent into the rendered strawbale recording studio he has built at Takalarup, near Porongurup. Watch this space.

The Beardless Hipsters are a fun night of great tunes, played well by really good musos loving what they do! 

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The Beardless Hipsters LIVE at Six Degrees

The Beardless Hipsters

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