SWEET WATER Live at Six Degrees

February 24, 2023

**Six Degrees becomes an 18+ ONLY Venue from 8:30pm**

Born deep in the well of the earth, Sweet Water is a musical project inspired by a thirst for the flow of connection to land, life & love. Exploring Heartland Roots, Blues & Folk music with organic songs ignited by driving rhythm, droning Bass, Soothing vocal and flowing guitar & violin. 

Sweet Water emerges from the Indigenous Dhudhuroa name Kiewa, a location in the High Country, Victoria where the Kiewa River is known for its sweetness and ever surging energetic flow. Along for the ride are current band members local to Denmark, WA. Singer, songwriter & guitarist, Adam Grok, rhythmically centred feel drummer, Mark Gretton, incisive bassist Matt Eastwell & wonderfully innovative violinist, Marie Limondin.  

Sweet Water flows and flies. It crashes and it heals, & like the river and ocean, weaves a path of its own creation as each song washes ashore to ripple on. 

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SWEET WATER Live at Six Degrees

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