SIMON LONDON + DAVE MANN Live at Six Degrees

December 9, 2023

**Six Degrees becomes an 18+ ONLY Venue from 8:30pm**

Join two of WA’s standout songwriter-vocalists for an intimate night of sharing songs, trading stories and mining through their songsmithing for some back-catalogue gems.

Dave Mann (the Dave Mann Collective, The Nomadics) and Simon London (the Spirits, The Red Tails) have both individually plied their trade for decades – travelling the world with their craft through Australia, Canada, Europe and NZ – writing songs, releasing albums and singing it up with their respective bands. This December however, after tour paths that have criss-crossed and overlapped too many times to mention, the two artists will join forces for the first time ever with a combined show at Six Degrees, Albany.

Known and remembered out front of the Dave Mann Collective for his incredible vocal range & ability and searing slide-guitar prowess, Dave Mann was a key fixture of WA’s burgeoning roots & blues scene in the 2000s. But appetite for the well-loved Dave Mann Collective saw them quickly become a hard-working, endlessly-touring act on the national circuit, playing all the major folk festivals around Australia along with overseas excursions along the way. Now known as one half of The Nomadics, Dave’s songwriting and guitar nous continues on strong while his vocal ability is still in the ‘stop-you-in-your-tracks’ level of astounding.

Simon London emerged in a similar era, becoming quickly known for his soaring vocal prowess and anthemic songwriting out front of his band the Spirits. Similarly, touring west-to-east ensued, with solo tour dates through the US, Canada and the UK and plenty of momentum behind six band and solo releases. Still writing and releasing new music, Simon tours with both Simon London + the Spirits and side-project The Red Tails, but it’s still the power of the voice and the song that continues to win new followers.

With their respective back-catalogues to dig through, join Dave and Simon for an intimate night of songs and singing, travel and tales as they share their life of singing songs – about country, about family, about life – trading guitar licks and vocal harmonies all the way. Joined by the inimitable and ridiculously talented Mark Gretton on drums and percussion, this will be a night to witness.

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SIMON LONDON + DAVE MANN Live at Six Degrees

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