March 31, 2023

**Six Degrees becomes an 18+ ONLY Venue from 8:30pm**

Fresh off a blazing trail of high energy Rock ́n Roll shows across Perth and the South west, the boys from Bunbury are committed to conquer the world!

Formed in Bunbury, WA in late 2019. Satisfaction Guaranteed are a unique grouping of high energy performers consisting of: Johnny Rogers (lead vocals/keyboard), Ethan Robinson (lead guitar/support vocals), Will Gordon (bass guitar/support vocals), and Tommy Host (drums/support vocals). As of April 2022 they have released 2 songs, “Can’t you hear me Callin’“ and “Thats how it goes“. In addition to these the boys are also paying homage to the acts of old; Drawing from the past to serve the future with their own, in-imitable style.Young men on the precipice of shooting up the music industry ladder. Already recognized in Perth and the south west, the band is committed and well on their way to conquer Western Australia, followed by North, East and South Australia, And then the rest of the world. (And when they colonize mars, they’ll be known there too!)Young, authentic musicians who’s unique stage performance and charisma is contagious and guarantees satisfaction to all who seek it. From everyone to everyone else – Satisfaction Guaranteed know how to perform for an audience longing for anything new, together involved in something that will not be forgotten.

“What makes us special as a band is our attitude towards our performances and music, no matter how many people are in the room we will deliver a performance that tops our last. No other band or artist is putting the energy into performing that we do and no one is striving for as many shows as us, and that’s a fact. When writing and recording music we draw influence from a huge, ever expanding spectrum of art and artists and believe to the absolute essence of our being that our songs WILL be understood and connected with by the world, they just have to be pushed. Which is what we are working so hard for. We are also entirely original to the acts on the scene today and still developing.“

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