RUSTY LYNCH – The Greatest Male Singers Of All Time Live at Six Degrees

March 5, 2023

Rusty Lynch has been a professional singer and entertainer for over 20 years. The breadth of his experience has come from a large variety of places; from performing in Rock bands as a powerful front man, performing to thousands at various festivals, singing with fourteen-piece soul bands, busking on the street, to singing for the elderly in aged care facilities, Rusty has done it all.

Rusty moved to the Denmark/Albany region three years ago and has since been part of a number of successful and well-attended productions, including Southern Soul’s Commitments and Blues Brothers Shows, The Abbey Road/Revolver Beatles Show, EXP’s Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones tributes and his new band, Funk The System.

Because of the variance of his experience, Rusty has become very versatile when it comes to style and range of singers that he can cover. For this reason he is able to bring you a very ambitious project: The Greatest Male Singers of All Time.

This show will include material from the most well-known singers of the 20th Century, from the early days with Frank Sinatra, to Roy Orbison and Elvis, all the way through to Freddy Mercury, John Farnham and Buble.

Make sure you see this show, it’s bound to be full of interest, surprise and great singing.

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RUSTY LYNCH – The Greatest Male Singers Of All Time Live at Six Degrees

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