Rusty Lynch and Blues Power @ Six Degrees

April 11, 2021

Rusty Lynch and Blues Power combine the talents of four great local artists- Ross Seymour from Dig the Dust on Guitar, the dynamic and energetic Dave Rastrick on Bass, professional powerhouse Paul Meyers on drums and newcomer Rusty Lynch on vocals and rhythm guitar.
Rusty moved to WA earlier this year after a 20 year career in professional music in Sydney. Lynch has performed mostly in Rock bands thus far, specialising in Zeppelin, Guns N Roses and 60s and 70s rock. The move to WA has inspired a new exploration into the world of blues and blues rock.
The set list for this band has been devised to create maximum enjoyment and boogie, with all the greats getting a spot- The Stones, Little Richard, Canned Heat, John Lee Hooker, Clapton and Muddy Waters, just to name a few…
Get on down for an exciting and energetic night of blues power! 

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Rusty Lynch and Blues Power @ Six Degrees

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