PINSTRIPE Live at Six Degrees

November 4, 2023

**Six Degrees becomes an 18+ ONLY Venue from 8:30pm**

Hailing from the great southern region of Western Australia, Pinstripe are a versatile band that has been rocking stages for over a decade. Their show consistently delivers high energy performances with a wide-ranging repertoire that includes both classic and contemporary Top 40 hits.

Founded by lead singer Scott Mackenzie in 2013, Pinstripe boasts a talented line-up featuring Mark Reebe on lead guitar, Paul Meyers on drums and Tim Jeffs on bass. In 2023, the band welcomed Johanna Grace on vocals, adding another layer of dynamic sound to their live shows.

While Pinstripe has made a name for themselves as a dynamic cover band, they’re not content with resting on their laurels.  In 2020, they ventured into unchartered waters, releasing their original singles ‘Everglow’ and ‘You and I’ delving into the alternative rock scene.  This move showcases the band’s creativity and determination to reach new audiences with their own unique sound.

‘You and I’ released October 1st 2021, followed the success of their debut release ‘Everglow’ which saw them nominated in two categories in the 2021 WAM Song of the Year Awards.

*Photo credits to Stellar Nights Photography*

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PINSTRIPE Live at Six Degrees

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