Michael Dunstan Live at Six Degrees

April 23, 2021

Michael Dunstan has a humble obsession with the open and endless roads of Australia. His social media pages splayed with stunning images of scenery to rival even the most travelled influencers. So it’s no surprise that in the absence of National domestic touring, it was only a matter of time until Michael would be up for some regional shows in the far corners of Western Australia alongside his metro shows to celebrate the release of his liberating new single Above The Falls (out February 19th 2021).

“Above The Falls”  is the liberating, uplifting reprieve from Michael’s more stripped back releases of late last year. Opening with another one of Dunstan’s signature swirling guitar riffs, shuffling drums build to a stunning half time chorus which can’t help but make you picture a remarkable vista in a place that brings you calmness, and surrounds you with that warmth of good times spent with good people. 

Michael will be performing a debut show in Dampier and some shows in his home region of the Wheatbelt alongside stops at some of his favourite and most picturesque Western Australian locations Exmouth, Albany and more to be announced.

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Michael Dunstan Live at Six Degrees

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