IRIS Live at Six Degrees

October 27, 2023

**Six Degrees becomes an 18+ ONLY Venue from 8:30pm**

Presenting Iris! Featuring Juni, Sara and Lily – these three amazing girls have come together to form a youthful all-girl, all-star rock band who will blow you away with their selection of songs that features some of the best female music of all time!  

Juni has been on the scene solo and in a trio – always blowing everyone away with her sparkly personality, powerful voice and token left-handed guitar playing. 

Sara is a total powerhouse of a drummer in Denmark and Albany, playing shows with bands including EXP and Sandcastle – her rocking sense of timing and awesome personality leave all her audiences begging for more as she carries the beat of the band. 

With music deep in her soul, Lily is an unstoppable, raw, and unique musician from the Great Southern who is picking up her bass for this all-girl rock band – there’s not an instrument she can’t play and not a crowd she can’t get grooving – it’s Lily! 

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IRIS Live at Six Degrees

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