FINN PEARSON Live at Six Degrees

March 19, 2023

Born from a fiery crucible of alt-country, pub rock and introspective folk, Finn Pearsonrepresents an impassioned collage of shimmering, softly-lit melancholia with powerfulstorytelling and sharply observational emotional honesty. Kicking off 2022 by playing a run ofheadline shows, winning the WAM Song of the Year songwriting competition for for “Best FolkSong”, supporting local legends such as Timothy Nelson and Siobhan Cotchin, and releasing anew single “Hard to Find” to editorial acclaim, Pearson’s contemporary-folk-country style has afresh set of wings, and it only gets better from here.

“…one of the state’s most exciting new additions in the last two years or so, drawing upon richlyricism and smart musicianship to create potent bursts of folk, alt-country and indie that capturethe skills of some of West Australia’s most brilliant musicians.” -Hayden Davies, Pilerats

“Pearson writes lyrics as sharply observational as Courtney Barnett or Paul Kelly, saying in a fewwords things most ordinary folk could never express, but nevertheless sit lodged in our hearts,waiting to be unlocked.” -Andrea Thompson, Aroundthe Sound

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FINN PEARSON Live at Six Degrees

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