January 28, 2022


…EXP – The Great Southern’s ultimate psychedelic blues-rock power trio – return to the stage at Six Degrees this Friday night.

In each set EXP present the music of a classic blues-rock artist of band. This Friday, EXP will play some of the greatest hits of Cream, Jimi Hendrix, and their new Stevie Ray Vaughan set.

Texas born guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan is best known for his iconic blues guitar playing – and being a prominent figure in the blues revival of the 1980s. Vaughan carried on in the traditions of Jimi Hendrix, B.B. King, Muddy Waters and more – though with a more modern, cleaner approach and production.While Vaughan only produced six albums in his lifetime – before a tragic helicopter accident in 1990 at age 36 – he has become one of the most iconic and respected blues guitarists of our time and overall.”

For us, the Stevie Ray Vaughan set is all about the guitar playing,” said EXP vocalist and bassist David Rastrick. “His guitar licks are so intricate and catchy, and our guitarist Mardae Selepak pulls them off so well, while the rest of the band provides a solid foundation.”

EXP has been heard around the region in various lineups, most often at Six Degrees, and recently at Wilsons Brewery, the RUOK Fundraiser at Centennial Stadium, and the Sunset Series in Denmark.

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