Chilali and the Chief – Live at SixDegrees

November 28, 2021

Irresistible lilting vocals soaring above fiery guitar flourishes, painted amidst the ambience of electronica textures – this best describes musical artists “Chilali And The Chief”. However, the style of this singer songwriter duo defies rigid categorisation. Most would call them Adult Contemporary Indi Folk; yet one can still hear the influences of acoustic Folk, Jazz, Blues, Pop & World music. Their lyrics depict the full spectrum of the human experience from the familiar traditions of love lost & found to the ecstasy of passion for life, love & connection, all encompassing the winding journey to find meaning to our human existence.

Their live shows are a full soundscape of an experience not to be missed, blending two different worlds that epitomise the beauty of what happens when diverse cultures collide and become one. 

(After the success of their first EP release ‘The Moon Series’, the duo are set to release some new and exciting material in 2022 showcasing some themes that are very relevant to these times.)

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Chilali and the Chief – Live at SixDegrees

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