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Wok The Fat ... it’s a 6D Summer ...

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This Friday at 6D ... Perth’s DJ BEXX joins Your Girl Pho for a fantastic double act ...

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This may suit school mums. ...

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The Imperial Biggie - one keg only - 6D ...

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Thursday Cocktails at 6D ... 2 of the same cocktail for $30 on Thursdays from 4pm ...

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The Chimi Thing ...

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Fabulous Burgers @ Six Degrees ... Try the FatBoy ... #sixdegreesalbany #burgerporn #amazingsouthcoast #greatsouthern #burger #foodporn #sixdegreesevents #albanywa # ...

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Frasbo’s Fireballs ...

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The GOLDroom at Six Degrees.
Limited to 50 tickets.

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6D's GOLDroom.

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New Years Eve in the Six Degrees way.
6.30pm start.
9pm fireworks.
Done in Goldroom by 11pm.
Join the party out or home to bed early.
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Burger Monday Madness is on!!!! Six of your favourite burgers at 16 bucks. Get it into ya.
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Spit n Pit starts this Friday Night.
Pig on the Spit and a Fire-pit in ALfreco.
AFL footy.
$8 Pints, $5 Sparkling and Wine Tasting.
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Der Winter, Das Curry…New to the menu 👌

Inspired by the tastes of his homeland Sri Lanka, our chef Das has created for us all an amazing range of curries.
Come in and have a try...your taste buds will thank you for it!

#curryinahurry #curry #winter #chef #tasty #srilanka

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Our Chef Das!

Das is a man with more syllables in his name than there are kilos on his frame, so we at Six Degrees just stick with Das. No matter the time of day or how long his shift may have been, he always has time for a smile and a joke, and even the odd audible animal impersonation.

Das first became interested in a life in cuisine after following his best friend to Hotel School [sounds like my kind of school!]. It was here that he saw many different chefs cooking and
creating together along with tables of beautifully presented food on display, he was hooked.

Originally from Sri Lanka, where he grew up with his mother, father and sister, Das moved to Australia just over two years ago with a family of his own. After two years working in the
exquisite, tourist mecca of Wagga Wagga he saw the light and found his way to beautiful Albany.
We at Six Degrees are stoked to have him here sharing with us his talents, passions and creative fusions. We believe that after you have tried one of his sensational Sri-Lankan inspired curries, you will also be glad that he has somehow, improbably, landed in our lives.

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Little Frasbo + The Bearded Cherub have been on the ration Challenge so no Fatboy burger for them...their pretty sad about it too because it's one epic burger!

FatBoy Fraser Version 7.0
Crispy on the outside then oozing rich Mac and Cheese croquette, 150g premium beef patty, grilled bacon, homemade aioli, fresh tomato, and lettuce. Served on a Turkish roll with a side of Gringo dusted chips.

Why not help support the ration challenge by donating here👇


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